The Promise

The Promise

The Promise is a love story set in 1914, against the backdrop of the crumbling Ottoman Empire. As the Great War looms, Michael Boghosian (Oscar Isaac) travels from his small Armenian village to the cosmopolitan hub of Constantinople to study medicine. There he falls in love with Ana (Charlotte Le Bon), an Armenian artist, and encounters a rival for her affections in American photo-journalist Chris Myers (Christian Bale). 

As the Turks form an alliance with Germany and the Empire turns violently against its own ethnic minorities, their conflicting passions must be deferred while they join forces to survive even as events threaten to overwhelm them.


Steve Alexander from Damaris Media says: “We believe in the power of film to impact people's lives, and to change the world.


"That's why we're excited to be working with Entertainment One and Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) to promote The Promise, a moving and engaging fictional story which offers a window onto a little-known period in history.


The events portrayed in this film have an obvious resonance with today's headlines, and our hope is that audiences will come away from The Promise with a renewed passion to help persecuted minorities across the globe.”


A Chilling Resonance

The Promise shows the alarming events leading to the Armenian genocide, which has a chilling resonance in the present day, especially in light of attacks on Palm Sunday services in Egypt which killed 43 people and injured scores more.

Religious persecution is a daily reality for millions of people and is at the heart of CSW’s work upholding the right to freedom of religion or belief worldwide. 

CSW and Damaris Media have produced a discussion guide to accompany The Promise and help Christians to reflect on the themes portrayed in the film, which are just as timely and urgent today. It offers churches and individuals practical ways that they can take their stand against the injustices happening around the world today. This is available at as well as in print.


A Powerful Portrayal


CSW’s Advocacy Director Joel Edwards says, “The Promise is a powerful portrayal of religious persecution that highlights issues that we see so often in our work, as communities that have lived peacefully side by side for generations are turned against one another, with devastating consequences.


"We do not have to look far to find examples in the world today, be it the tens of thousands Rohingya Muslims who have been made stateless by the Burmese government and have been forced to seek refuge in neighbouring countries, or thousands of Christians in Northern Nigeria who have been driven from their lands and homes by Fulani militants.


"We are pleased to partner with Damaris Media to bring these issues to the attention of the Church in the UK.”


The film is released on Friday 28th April 2017. A small group discussion booklet is available here:

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