Thoughts On Rest

Author: Hannah Heath

Picture: Nicolas Postiglioni, Pexels

Thoughts On Rest

In our busy, frantic lives, it's essential to follow God's call and rest radically, says Hannah Heath.

As Christians, we are called to live stand-out lives, full of the radical love of God, and we are also called to rest. It can be a bit confusing how rest enters the picture, so here are some thoughts.

Rest = what fills your cup

We constantly try to earn rest, but the truth is that rest is a free gift. The best way to fight this rest-guilt is with the word of God, which repeatedly calls us to rest. For example: ‘Come to me all who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest’. (Matthew 11:28) 

Our to-do list can coexist with our rest-there is time enough for both.  God knows the work we need to do, but He also knows He calls us to work from a place of rest, so He will always provide the time we need to work, and to rest. Trust His schedule for you. 

God rested on the Sabbath, the seventh day - this is the day of perfection/ fullness.

Rest brings us back to the heart of our perfect Father, and completes us. 

Listening For The Voice Of The Creator

In rest, the kindness, love and presence of the Father is so much more tangible because our hearts are quiet and our souls are still.

We are listening for the voice of the One Who created the universe, His whisper of love over our lives. Resting is not irrelevant; God rests and, because we are made in His image and likeness, we rest too. 

Rest is an invitation to cultivate creativity. God has given us gifts and talents, ways to pour in to our hearts and let off steam for a reason.

I have found that, when I rest, when I give myself that space to think, pray, and dream, I’m at my most creative.

God brings up ideas and passions in us, and a space to carry them out. Rest is not boring-it is life-giving. I have discovered the desires of my heart when I rest. Our rest time is precious, so what we choose to do with it must also be precious to us.

Our rest might not always be creative; sometimes we need a few hours in front of a screen, or a week of not doing much, if we have reached burnout. This is perfectly valid rest.

God meets us where we are at; even in the middle of the fiercest storms, He can bring peace.

Rest On Every Side

I recently read these words in 2 Chronicles 20:30: ‘God has given him rest on every side’.

This led me to think about the ‘sides’ previously mentioned, and how it applies to my rest. So, although napping is a needed and enjoyable form of rest, it does not stop here. 

God wants to bless us with rest on EVERY side - in our work lives, our friendships, our studies, our family life, physically, mentally-literally everything. The Sabbath rest He blesses us with is the type of rest that can exist even in a very stressful or loud environment, a penetrating and powerful rest, deep in our heart. 

It can look like that one hour you have to yourself at the end of the day, where everything gets turned off and you can enjoy a nice cuppa and some peace. It can look like feeding your soul with the Bible on your daily commute, or going for a long walk with your dreams, thoughts and hopes. It can also look like making space to paint that image that has been in your head all week. 

My sabbath looks like most of my Sunday nowadays, but I’m sure in the future it may only be an hour or two. The length is irrelevant, though – it is quality over quantity. 

When we surrender our Sabbath, giving that time to God to use how He wants to, our rest becomes so much more purposeful and cup-filling. He is the ‘Lord of the Sabbath’. 

How are you going to implement this radical rest into your routine today? 

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