Transform Your Future By Dealing With The Past

Author: Dominic McDermott

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Transform Your Future By Dealing With The Past

Experience God's mercy in Lent, says Dominic McDermott, after participating in a repentance service for anti-Semitism in High Wycombe.


Two years ago I was working “undercover” in a couple of prisons as a locksmith/carpenter i.e. I had taken the job so I could serve the prisoners and share with them the good news that “The Boss” loves them in spite of their pasts.

We had seen some extraordinary and miraculous evidence of His mercy for these very broken guys. The Lord suddenly told me to leave it all behind and work for Him alone.

After 15 years in prisons, this was a bit of a surprise- but I was used to Him asking me to do surprising things.

Just a few years before, He asked me to donate a kidney to one of the prisoners who was on dialysis and serving life. I am not sure who was more surprised: the Muslim prisoner, the governor or my wife!

God’s love is totally extravagant.

"I Will Provide For You"

So I accepted what He said, that I would “be gone before all the leaves on the oak tree (outside our office) are gone”-much to the amusement of both staff and prisoners in the prisons. However, I told Him He would first need to convince my long-suffering but wonderful wife Alison.

He then used a missionary friend of mine in the Czech Republic to give me a long prophetic word, including this promise: “I will provide for you."

True to His word as always, He then multiplied Alison’s salary four times in three months. Eventually, just before Christmas, she told me: "Dom, you can leave your job, as we can now live on my salary alone!”

So it was that. before the last leaf fell from the tree on Christmas Eve, I had left the prison service for good, still without knowing exactly what the Lord wanted me to do instead.

Then He told me: “I want to you to work for the unity of My Body (i.e. the Church) with the Messianic Jews as the instrument of that unity.”

He explained that the disunity among Christians stemmed right back to the first division in the Church between Jewish believers in Him as Messiah (like all the apostles, those we would now call “Messianic Jews”) and the new Gentile (i.e. non-Jewish) believers.

A New Life

I have been on about 15 ministry trips abroad in the last two years, yet one of the highlights was a Holocaust Memorial and Repentance Service I helped organise right here in my hometown of High Wycombe.

In 1234, we expelled our entire Jewish population, an ancient sin that had never been dealt with.

Representatives of many local churches gathered on 29 January 2020 to declare our sorrow at what we had done. National Jewish leaders and rabbis were there to receive this declaration and respond to it.

Tears were shed by Jew and Gentile alike, as a history of anti-Semitism was unveiled and confessed by the Church and sorrow expressed.

Then a declaration was made by Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Civic leaders to stand together to work for the acceptance of and love for “the other” from now on.

The result was an incredible release of joy and sense of a family reconciled.

The Boss Wants You To Be Free

Some said that such an ancient hurt was too old to bother with. However, let me encourage you this Lent to allow the Spirit to show you something in your life or relationships, that needs healing-no matter how “ancient” that may be.

“The Boss”-our loving Father- wants us, as His children, to be free: “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.” (Galatians 5:1)

It is amazing how being honest and open about our wrong words and actions, with His help, can lead to healing, release and reconciliation.

Let the God of mercy work through you this Lent.

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