Wait For It...It's #AdventChallenge!

Author: Helen Crawford

Picture: Bible Society

Wait For It...It's #AdventChallenge!

We can discover the joy of waiting and expectation with Bible Society's exciting Advent resource, "Advent Challenge", says Helen Crawford.

The countdown to Christmas is well and truly on! Black Friday has been and gone, the cinematic ads by the big retailers are old news, and you might even have picked out your Christmas decorations.

However, if you are looking for a way to really prepare for Christmas, cast your eyes on #AdventChallenge.

#AdventChallenge is an online countdown to Christmas that asks you to take on one – or more – of three practical challenges every day.

Inspired by a short biblical reflection, you might find yourself buying someone flowers, offering to babysit or hand delivering Christmas cards.

But why?

Advent-What's It All About?

The tradition of Advent stretches back at least as far as 5AD, when monks fasted from the start of December until Christmas Day.

Today Advent is more commonly marked in churches with the lighting of the Advent wreath, and in homes with the opening of Advent calendars.

The anticipation and the discipline of observing Advent provides a delayed gratification that our 'always on' culture rarely encourages. 

Advent is an invitation to wait. And waiting can be a time of preparation.

Hence the creation of #AdventChallenge.

Good Will To All

In a time that can be flooded with distractions, we are invited to return to the Bible each day, and think about how to live it out with practical actions.

We want to do things that reflect something of the ‘good will to all’ proclaimed to the shepherds when Christ was born – and help us to prepare to celebrate his birth.

Results from previous Advent Challenges have been moving, such as the reconciliation of a broken relationship after taking one challenge to forgive.

Other testimonies saw people kindling friendships with neighbours and experiencing the simple pleasure of paying for the coffee of the person next to them in the queue.

This year's Advent Challenge includes some old favourites, as well as some new additions. 

To make the experience more family-friendly than ever, this year, an additional craft activity is included, which - if you wait - by December 24th (with a bit of cutting and colouring later) means you will have your very own nativity set.

Something New

Advent invites us to wait, to prepare, and open ourselves up to something new. So take this Advent to wait, to watch and to live out your faith. 

Take a practical challenge every day and see what happens.

What are you waiting for?

Last year over 14,000 people took on #AdventChallenge. This year, let us journey towards Christmas together.

Sign up now to take on #AdventChallenge and bring the Bible to life in the countdown to Christmas.

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