Waiting For A Miracle

Author: Barbara Mason

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Waiting For A Miracle

Barbara Mason shares her story of waiting and expectation.

Being a rather impatient person, I have never been very good at ‘waiting”.

All I ever wanted to be “when I grew up” was a wife and mother – not exactly unusual or adventurous! I waited eagerly for this to take place.

I married a wonderful Catholic man, but after a couple of miscarriages and subsequent ill health it transpired I was going through a premature menopause, lasting from the age of 28 until the age of 32, which was devastating.

Mercifully a friend invited me on a retreat where I had a profound and life-changing encounter with the Risen Jesus.

I realised I had never checked with God, my Creator, what His unique plan was for me. So I asked Him.

To my amazement, He replied with this verse: "Shout for joy, O barren one!" (Isaiah 54:1)

What a shock!

"I Want Real Children"

God revealed that He wanted me to have spiritual children, who would be “disciples, taught of God”.

My heart sank: I wanted real children, not spiritual children.

I did not consider that to be a disciple of Jesus one must “renounce oneself” and “take up our cross” (Matthew 17:24). So God had to show me through my father.

Although a Catholic, my father had never had an encounter with Jesus. He noticed a change in me after that retreat: “You have such peace,” he said.

When I explained this was the peace of Jesus, he replied, “You can’t just have Jesus! What about all the other people in the world?”

An Important Chat

He was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 59 and told he had weeks to live. As I lived in a different country, I flew to see him.

He looked dreadful, and I prayed with him.

We then had an important chat and I read to him these words from the story of Nicodemus visiting Jesus at night:

Unless a man is born from above he cannot see the kingdom of God (John 3:1-7)

I expected an intellectual analysis from my Harvard-educated dad.

Instead he whispered, “I’ve never heard that before”. Although he had heard it during Sunday Mass over the years, this time he truly heard it.

My Dad was then offered a place on an experimental cancer programme and our conversation was put aside. Several months later my mother told me my father was literally dying.

"I Have Faith!"

I was present when the priest administered the last Sacrament.

After the priest left, my father suddenly sat up and looked straight at me: “Jesus is all we have! Does everyone know this?”

He wept profusely. “I have faith!” he cried.

The next few days he was beside himself with joy, because he had encountered his Saviour.

When I was asked to write his story, I realised it was exactly nine months from the time I proclaimed the Word to him to his receiving the gift of faith.

Your new birth was not from any mortal seed but from the everlasting word of the living and eternal God. (1 Peter 1:23)

My First Son

My father was my first son.

This is my maternal vocation: proclaim his Word to those the Lord brings to my husband and myself, to be born as new creations in Christ and live forever. Innumerable children forever!

What about my problem with ‘waiting’? What a change! I now willingly prefer to wait for God’s direction and perfect timing, because He is the Lord.

Advent is the season of “expectant waiting”. Let us expectantly wait for the certain arrival of our Saviour, who came to reconcile God and sinners.

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