What The Jubilee Means To Me

What The Jubilee Means To Me

A large group from South-West England attended the celebration to mark 50 years of CCR in Bethel on 4 March 2017. In sharing their experiences, they reflect the diverse and significant effect of the CCR in many lives.

Kathie Jarvis, Plymouth, mum of four, guitarist in church music group.

Being part of such an amazingly joyful Mass has given me courage to stick to good, meaningful liturgy. I love that CCR is now almost 'mainsteam' in the Church. Mark Nimo’s instruction 'not to be tired' was absolutely right for me-I felt a renewal of joy. I still want to be part of the Catholic Church, as the Holy Spirit is clearly at work. I hope CCR will continue to help us be a blessing to the world.

Tanya Trevena, Sidmouth, mum of two, using her God-given talents to sing, paint, plan and deliver lessons.

After hearing Michelle Moran, I felt excited about going to Rome to see what God is going to do next. I was touched by the number of young people present and enjoyed the worship led by One Hope Project. I loved the words to their original songs.

Sue Lee, Exeter, full time carer for elderly aunt.

This Jubilee day inspired me to have more courage. My difficulty has been "acting" on the Spirit's promptings, partly due to fear and busyness. I was profoundly touched when we prayed in tongues as a large community. I have not used my gift as much as I should. I will encourage others to use the gift of tongues and enable the release of the Spirit.

Patricia Ainley and Gwynneth Wilkins, Newquay, members of Newquay/Truro New Life Community

It was such a joyful celebration. We particularly remembered the story about 'the throne' and who is sitting on it-very thought provoking.  Since Christian unity is close to my heart, I was struck by the story of the man hiding in the cave who did not realise war had been over for 30 years. 'The war is over' regarding Christian unity: why are we still fearful of each other?  

Lydia Mcshane, Torbay:  Retired and new to CCR.

I sang in tongues for the first time and gained new strength to evangelise.  The variety of ages and backgrounds, as well as our common witness, has renewed my faith.

Mary and Keith Taylor, Torbay: Involved in CCR since the early 1970s.

I was thrilled to be part of a multi-ethnic community sharing the same experience. Umbrellas appearing as Communion stations was symbolic of how we enrich one another’s lives. It was very special to see those involved in CCR from its early days and those who had recently become involved, giving a real sense of the Spirit’s movement.

Michelle Moran and Damian Stayne shared signs of a new season in the Church, leaving me full of joyful hope. In Plymouth Diocese, we will look for ways to support one another in being obedient to the new things the Lord wants to do.

Tom Caluori, London: An Awe-Inspiring Day

It struck me that, although several thousand were present at Bethel Centre, this was the tip of the iceberg. Over the last 50 years, the Holy Spirit has swept through the Catholic Church worldwide.

It was awe-inspiring to hear Patti Gallagher Mansfield tell the story of the 1967 Duquesne retreat. She used a chair to illustrate her journey from being in charge of her life, to giving Jesus the chair and first place in her life.

CCR is about the renewal of the Body of Christ, whose founder and leader is the Holy Spirit.  Mark Nimo encouraged renewal leaders to take risks. Damian Stayne explained how healing and miracles are prominent in the worldwide Church.

The gathering spoke boldly that CCR has arrived. I look forward to taking up Pope Francis’ Pentecost invitation to celebrate the Jubilee in Rome.

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