Why the Lord brought me from Texas to Kent

Author: Fr. Scott Brossart SOLT

Why the Lord brought me from Texas to Kent

Fr Scott Brossart’s faith journey has led him from drink-driving to the priesthood. Now the Lord has called him to move from Houston to awaken a sleepy English seaside town.

I am a Roman Catholic missionary priest belonging to the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity. I arrived in the UK a few weeks ago from Houston, Texas after being assigned to the parish we serve in Hythe, Kent called Virgin Mother of Good Counsel. 

I grew up as a lukewarm Catholic living a life devoid of a relationship with God but doing the Catholic “routine” of going to Mass on Sundays, receiving the sacraments on a fairly regular basis, but, at the same time, still tied to the world and what is of it. 

I would party on the weekends and lived a fairly pagan lifestyle, but still said I loved God and wanted to go to Heaven so I went to Mass and received Holy Communion like it was no big deal. 

That was up until I experienced a serious car accident from drinking and driving (this was several years before my calling to the priesthood, which came after a long conversion process).

The car accident woke me up from a deep slumber and I realised that I would not be going to Heaven… ever… if I did not change my life and start letting God in and seeking an authentic relationship with Him who is the Living and True God and who is REAL - as real as the ground we walk on.

I began to open my heart more and more… and eventually I began to enter into a real relationship with God and was led by Him daily. 

No more living a lie

I began to realise that either I am a child of God or I am not, but I don’t want to continue living a lie without ever really opening up to know Him really and truly before I die. 

What are we really waiting for anyway?  Either God the Father loves us here and now or He doesn’t. Either He wants to speak with us now and lead us and guide us or He never does…but why wait for it to happen if He is seeking to have a real and authentic relationship with us? 

I have been through many profound and awe-filled experiences… the kind that make you say, “WOW!  I just can’t believe that just happened!”  I have those daily. Yes, daily.  But only after I woke up and let Him in. 

So why did He send me all the way from Texas to the little town of Hythe? 

I believe it has to do with the same reason He sent His only Son to Bethlehem… a hidden gem of a small town that was not a major hub and had no exciting city life so to speak.  It was quiet and peaceful. 

But it was here that Our Lord chose to manifest Himself and I believe it is why He sent me to a quiet peaceful retirement town…. to awaken and to draw everyone from the surrounding towns and villages to encounter Him.

Healing in the Year of Mercy

As we now enter the Jubilee Year of Mercy, I want to bring the gift of a Mass and Charismatic Healing Prayer Service to the Kent area.

Our Lord desires for us to open wide our hearts to His Mercy by the forgiveness of our sins and by being His instrument of Mercy for others.  Once we open up Faith to who He really is and that He is already present within us, then He can awaken within us and begin to build His Kingdom within our hearts. He then can begin to speak to us interiorly and guide us from within. He can do all things in and through us.

This is where the Charismatic Renewal is key and why I am bringing the Mass with the Charismatic Healing Prayer Service to Hythe. 

We cannot have a life with God without Him moving and guiding us from within... pure and simple.  We have blocks in our hearts due to a lack of Faith, past wounds and trauma, persons we cannot or have not yet forgiven, sins of the flesh and being tied to this world and its burdens that bind up our hearts, and on and on. God desires to break through the walls of our hearts and breathe His Spirit into each one of us so that we can live fully as His sons and daughters. 

Charismatic Prayer is opening our hearts and allowing Our Lord to manifest Himself in them through the Holy Eucharist and through deep prayer.  He comes into the upper room of our hearts and manifests His Wounds so that we can receive His Mercy. 

By opening our hearts, we can be healed and restored by Him and then filled with His Holy Spirit.  Let us open wide the doors of our hearts so that we can be filled with the Fire of God and allow His Divine Fire to spread from our hearts out to everyone we meet in life.  This is one of the greatest ways I know to enter into the Year of Mercy.

Our Lord is asking me to bring His Gift of Mercy to Hythe, Kent.  All are welcome to come and catch the flame!

  • The Charismatic Mass and Healing Prayer Service at Virgin Mother of Good Counsel Catholic Church in Hythe, Kent will take place on each First Friday of the month beginning in January at 7pm. Fr. Scott can also offer confessions beginning at 6:30pm. If you are gifted in praise and worship, Fr Scott would love to have you come and help. For more information please contact Fr Scott either via the Virgin Mother of Good Counsel’s website, or via his facebook page.

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