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Powerful Testimonies of Lives changed by Jesus

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'Come and hear, all you who fear God, and I will tell you what He has done for me. I cried aloud to Him, and He was extolled with my tongue ... Truly He has listened; He has given heed to the voice of my prayer' (Psalm 66)

UNBELIEVABLE - Stories of Faith
A Goodnews booklet in which eight Catholics share their amazing experiences of how having Jesus Christ at the centre of their lives has helped them.

A Miraculous Healing
Mariam shares how she was healed instantly through the Name of Jesus

He opened my eyes to the Father's love
Gideon is losing his sight. Over the years he has been asking Jesus to restore his sight, but Jesus has given him so much more.

Teaching the Virtue of Chastity to School Children in Taiwan
Rosmary, a teacher at a Catholic School in Taiwan, tells how she managed to get her students to accept the value of chastity.

Aideen's Testimony
A testimony given by Aideen Hamilton at a Life in the Spirit Seminar in Milltown, Co Kerry.

Jesus died on the Cross for my Sins
Bernard shares how the realisation that Jesus died on Calvary for his sins brought about a profound conversion.

Fear of Flying
Peter tells how the Lord removed his fear of flying

The Seventh Mark
A touching testimony that may bring comfort to anyone who has experienced the tradgedy of losing a child.

Marijana's Story
Marijana tells how Jesus touched her life after she came back to the church.

Healing Testimony
Shirley Harrington shares how the Lord blessed both her son and herself with healing.

Francoise' Testimony
A simple story of how Francoise was led to Jesus through the prayer of a friend.

My Mum's Victory over Death - A Son's Tale
Martin tells how, after many years away from the Church, the events surrounding his mother's death changed his life completely and brought him back to the Lord.

Philippa's Story
Philippa shares her testimony to proclaim how infinitely wonderful is the goodness of the Lord and to encourage others in their journey of faith.

Jesus is the Messiah - the story of a Jewish convert
Martyn, a young man from an Orthodox Jewish background, shares his personal testimony and how the Holy Spirit led him to becoming a Catholic.

Healed on the Verge of Death
Madeleine O'Connell, who lives in Putney, London, tells the amazing story of how over a decade ago, her 14 year old daughter, who had contacted a fatal strain of Dengue Fever was miraculously healed on the verge of death.

Married for God
Joaquin and Rosa Perez are a young Spanish couple with 4 children. We hear the inspiring story of how God repaired their lives damaged from childhood, and has taught them to live their vocation as a married couple in God

A Committed Marxist Discovers Jesus Christ
Gerald Daly, who is currently the administrator for Allen Hall, the Westminster diocesan seminary, was for many years an atheist and committed Marxist. Below he shares his faith story and how Jesus Christ came to him and transformed his life

Freedom in Christ
Vijaykumar Rajah, who was a drug addict for many years, shares his testimony and how he found Christ in Cardiff prison and the difference his new found faith has made to his life

Sally Fielding
Sally Fielding was always looking for the perfect relationship - usually in the wrong places - to the despair of her parents. Then she found Christ and lived a short but fruitful life for Him until she tragically died earlier this year aged only 36.

Tom's Story
Tom Hall, a student at Exeter University,shares how as his faith has grown so have his ideas about sex before marriage

Michela's Story
A young woman, who left her marriage for a violent abuser, shares however much you mess up your life, it's never too late to come back to Christ and he will help you

The Evangelistic Power of the Sacraments
Shaun Growney shares how, after nearly 40 years away from the church, he was brought back to faith through the sacrament of reconciliation

The Steubenville Experience - Aimee's Story
Aimee, a communication arts major at the Franciscan university of Steubenville Ohio, shares how studying at the university has changed her life

The Steubenville Experience - Conor's Story
Conor, a former pupil at Stonyhurst, shares how he his desire for Catholic formation led him to study at the Franciscan university at Steubenville in America

He has turned my Mourning into Dancing!

A woman is brought back to the Lord after 18 years through the prayers of her mother-in law

Delivered from Darkness
A mother's faithful prayers were finally heard, and her son was delivered from a life of darkness and now his greatest desire is to tell others what Jesus can do for them. He tells his story in an exclusive interview

Trapped - No More!
The full text of a powerful testimony by David Payne, director of Catholic Evangelisation Services, telling the story of his dramatic release from drug addiction. It was originally released on tape and later published in ONE

The Power of Prayer in the Battle against Abortion
How a Prayer Group is led to powerful intercession against abortion - and the results they saw!

The Power of a Mother's Prayer
The story of a mother's intercession over may years for her son - and God's dramatic answer to her prayers


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